The Worship and Music Committee is called to provide spiritually meaningful and highly
celebrative worship experiences for Emmaus Christian Church. The committee offers ways for members of the congregation to be participants in the worship service and not just observers, and thus works with the pastor to provide a positive worship experience. There is the opportunity to greet everyone that comes through our doors, as well as assist with the offering by being a Greeter/Usher. Another opportunity is to be one of the four people that help as Communion Servers. Those that like reading scripture are given that opportunity with our Old and New Testament readings. Our youth are offered the opportunity to serve as Acolytes under the supervision of one of our adult members. Finally we are always looking for people to be part of the technical team that works in the audio-visual booth to monitor the sound, as well as the visuals that we put on the TV screens. There is a regular schedule that gives everyone an equal opportunity to serve.