Board of Stewards

ECC is governed by a Board of Stewards, elected by the congregation, and empowered to carry out the day to day functioning of the Church.

From Our Articles of Ministry:

“Board of Stewards

The Board of Stewards is chosen to exercise leadership, ministry and governance. The
Board of Stewards, like its individual Members, is called to do exalted work for the furthering of
God’s Kingdom.
The Board’s responsibilities are for the care of the Congregation by responding in a
Christ-like manner to the needs and desires of the Congregation. The Board of Stewards should
work in concert with the Pastor to accomplish the work of the Church as defined by the

Board of Stewards in Governance

The Board of Stewards is called to govern in the best interest of the Congregation, but
never so as to jeopardize the honor, purity and integrity of the Church universal and God revealed in Jesus Christ.
The Board of Stewards needs to be committed to work together and with the Pastor and
with the Congregation in a shared mission and ministry.

Board of Stewards in Ministry
The ministry is multi-fold. It includes visiting in the homes of Members, visitation of the
sick and shut-in, offering personal comfort and counsel, personal witnessing, prayer and service to others.
The Board of Stewards is called to oversee the administration of all business affairs of
Emmaus Christian Church. The various work areas and ministries of our Church report their
accomplishments and future goals to the Board of Stewards. Planning to share and seek approval
from the Board of Stewards is the objective of every Emmaus Christian Church program. Board
of Stewards meetings are open to the Congregation.
The Board of Stewards shall be comprised of the Pastor, the Board of Stewards
Chairperson, the Board of Stewards Vice-Chairperson, the Secretary, the Treasurer, six stewards
(the Chairperson of each committee serving as a Steward), and three members-at-large. The
Board of Stewards shall meet monthly unless otherwise specified by the Chairperson or, in his/her absence, the Vice-Chairperson of the Board of Stewards. Plans of action are reported to the congregation at least annually. Attendance of a majority of the Board of Stewards members is a sufficient quorum to conduct and vote on all church business. Special Board of Stewards
meetings can be called by the Chairperson of the Board of Stewards or upon request of a quorum
of the Board of Stewards Members. Final authority of all business matters concerning the Church
lies with the Board of Stewards, unless a Congregational Meeting is called; in which case the
Congregational Meeting vote becomes the mandate.

The responsibilities of the Board of Stewards shall be as follows:

To review the-proposal from the Finance Committee regarding the Pastor’s salary or any
other persons retained by the Church and makes a final decision as to such salaries.
To appoint a committee of no less than three persons to interview prospective ministers in
the event of the death, resignation or illness of the Pastor, this committee will recommend
to the Board of Stewards a replacement, whether it be on a permanent or temporary basis.
Final authority for a permanent pastor rests with the Congregation.
To appoint at least two persons to audit annually the financial records of the Church. (The
auditors shall not consist of any Member who serves as a signatory on the checking
account or Members of the same family.
To review for approval each committee’s annual budget and bring this to the
Congregation prior to the congregational vote giving the Congregation ample time to
review the information.
To review for approval/non-approval any requests for funds that exceed approved budget.
Memorial funds may be established at any time by Members of the congregation, family
members or other benefactors. Disbursements from these funds shall be made by the
Board of Stewards upon direction of the benefactors. If, due to death, or for any other
reason, no benefactor is available to make recommendations, disbursements shall be made
by resolution of the Board of Stewards.
 All undesignated monetary gifts made to the Church shall be deposited and maintained as
directed by the Board of Stewards.”


The current roster of the Board is below:

BOS Roster 2014 5-30-2014