Emmaus Christian Church is a body of believers in Powhatan County Virginia. We seek to be a group of disciples who make disciples. Following Christ as we live in community, and follow the Word of God.

Walking With Christ:

The most important thing in any believer’s life is their own relationship with Jesus. As we seek to walk down this road together, we must be connecting with Jesus in a personal way. Reading and studying His word, praying, seeking Him in all we do, and living our lives for His glory.

Here are some resources to help you grow in your personal walk with the Lord:

Desiring God

The Gospel Coalition

Nine Marks Ministries


In Community:

The Church is the place where our faith is worked out and built. The Christian life was never meant to be an individualistic pursuit. When the apostles sent their letters, it was to the gathering of believers. Many of the instructions were about how we are to relate to one another in community. While every Christian must have a personal relationship with Jesus, it is meant to be lived out together.

We at Emmaus seek to live lives that are honest and open about our struggles, and our hearts. All the while looking for ways to point each other back to Christ as the source of all we need.

We do this by gathering together on Sunday mornings for worship as well as other times during the week for small group Bible studies. As you get involved in church life, it is our hope that you plug into community at some level at Emmaus.

Grounded in God’s Word:

At Emmaus, “We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, fully inspired and without error the original manuscripts, and in all that it teaches. Scripture is our supreme and final authority for all matters of Christian life and belief.” ECC Statement of Faith

Just as Jesus opened the Scriptures to the disciples on the Emmaus Road, we too want to search the scriptures to see all that the Lord has for us in life. The Lord gave us His word to know how He created the world to work. He gave it to us so that we might know Him, and His plan for salvation.

When we approach a decision at Emmaus, our hope is that we ask, “What does the Bible say about this?”, instead of, “What do I think about this?” As any Christian studies The Word, they will come across moment when the scripture says hard things about their life, or their practices. At that point they must either bend scripture to make it say that what they are doing is ok, or they must yield their life and practices to come in line with scripture.  As Christians, we understand that conforming our lives to Biblical principles will not save us, but as followers of Christ, we want to know how He wants us to live so that we can be used by Him in the ways He wants.

To that end, we believe that our study and application of scripture is our greatest pursuit in our lives together. That is why the expository preaching of God’s word is taken so seriously. We want anyone who enters the pulpit to not bring practical advice, or feel good messages. We want to see the Bible opened, explained, and applied to our lives. We also seek to offer many opportunities for people to gather around the word through smaller Bibles studies and Sunday School classes.